Our knowledge is key

Pushing the boundaries of technology

In a world driven by extremely fast technological change, Mycronic is helping innovative manufacturers lead the way. In fact, for producers of advanced flat screen displays, our technology is indispensable. The same holds true for some of the most agile and responsive circuit board manufacturers, who use our machines to produce a wide variety of the world's most complex boards.

Our heavy investments in R&D are just one sign of our commitment to keep on innovating to meet these demands.


Doing the impossible

Whether we're refining our solutions or providing superior services, our passion for enabling the future of electronics inspires everything we do. Often, this means pushing the physical limits on laser mask writer precision and the placement of microscopic components. At other times, it means automating production lines or developing the industry's richest software suite for assembly process management. Whatever the challenge, we apply the same passion and engineering excellence to every task – no matter how challenging it might seem.


Unleashing new business possibilities

But innovation is nothing without bottom-line results. Which is why we collaborate closely and comprehensively with our customers in order to create new manufacturing possibilities and industry-defining standards – long before they emerge. As new opportunities arise, this ensures that we and our customers are more than ready to bring the right products, technologies and expertise together into highly competitive market offerings.

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