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The flexibility your business needs to grow tomorrow

The MY200SX gives you all the flexibility you need to meet current customer demands – while positioning you to meet future needs as your business continues to grow. Capable of handling up to 176 feeders and placing a wide variety of components, it is ideally suited for high-mix production. And with a top speed of 24 000 components per hour, the MY200SX makes it possible to easily increase volumes to meet your customers’ growing needs as well.



 Key benefits

  • Top speed 24 000 cph
  • Feeder capacity up to 176
  • Reliability for 24/7 production
  • Fast set-ups and changeovers
  • All-in-one platform




Mount any component on any board

To ensure that you get the best placement performance, the MY200SX is equipped with advanced mountheads and state-of-the-art vision systems. The high-speed and high-precision mountheads, for example, features a total of nine nozzles – all linked to our Linescan Vision System (LVS) to optimize on-the-fly centering and precision placement for the vast majority of components. Meanwhile, the Dual Vision System (DVS) takes care of flip chips and other specialized components. As a result, you can handle everything from 01005's and Flip chips to QFP's and complex BGA's. Naturally, you can also select from conveyor widths that accommodate a broad range of board sizes and shapes.


Continuous production capability and accuracy

Sharing the same cutting-edge technology platform as the MY200DX, the MY200SX features a single mounthead carrier that picks components from both sides of the machine. This provides incredible flexibility while maintaining the ability for on-the-go setups and seamless changeovers from one production run to another. The high precision linear drive and distributed servo technology provide the ability to increase throughput, while continuous accuracy calibration maintains the high level of quality that you would expect from a Mycronic machine.