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High mix has never been more economical

The MY200LX is a great way to put quality to work in your production line today, and grow with quality in mind as your business takes off. You can start with a basic, entry-level configuration. Or why not go for the high-speed mounthead option that lets you achieve a top speed of 16 000 components per hour?



 Key benefits

  • Top speed 16 000 cph
  • Feeder capacity up to 176
  • Fast set-ups and changeovers
  • All-in-one platform
  • Upgradeable to MY200SX


Take your pick
The MY200LX offers more freedom of choice to put a machine in place that’s perfectly outfitted for your needs. For precision mounting, for example, you can add our Dual Vision System, equipped with a high-resolution camera supporting our high-precision mounthead. It lets you place components ranging from 01005's to complex QFP's and Flip chips. Overall speed is increased with the highspeed mounthead option. And by adding our Linescan Vision System, you’ll significantly increase your speed for fine pitch as well as chip component placement – with excellent accuracy. The conveyor is ready for in-line usage but can also be fitted with a manual load adaptor.


With up to 176 feeder positions, the MY200LX offers all the flexibility and speed of the Agilis system in an economical machine that never compromises on quality in any way. When your business grows and you require even higher throughput, you can upgrade your MY200LX machine to a MY200SX.